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Santos Automotive Center offers honest and reliable auto repair. Our customers can vouch for it!

Great shop for knowledgeable, reliable and honest mechanics. On my visit to New Orleans, my Saab unexpectedly started spewing TONS of smoke the same day we arrived. I was in a panic! Arturo, the owner did a quick and accurate diagnosis: blown seals on the turbo, and not the big engine job I had feared. He even let me buy the parts cheap on the internet and had them delivered directly to him. In a few days parts arrived and repair was done at VERY reasonable price. HIGHLY recommended!
-James S.
Pennsauken Township, NJ

My car was making this funny noise and then when i was driving it started shaking then it just stopped on me I had it looked at by this guy and he told me that I was looking at $450.00 so my uncle suggested that i bring it to Santos and I'm so glad I did I brought it there and that same day they called me told me what was wrong with it and that the part I needed wasn't going to cost me that much money he called me a few hours later and told me my car was fixed and all I was looking at was 152.60 a real honest mechanic and very fast service I would recommend them to anyone who needs their car fixed cause if i have any more problems I will go back to them
-Kasie R.
New Orleans

My 1990 5.0 mustang battery was losing charge overnight. I took it to Santos Automotive and they diagnosed that a main relay above the computer on the passengers side had gone bad. They replaced this part and I was back on the road. I was also told that this was due to water damage, which could have been done over the years (car wash, rain, etc). They had my car for less than 24 hours before I had it back.
-Michael G.
New Orleans

My Honda Accord had been doing this revving thing- very annoying and burning alot of gas. They replaced the Intake Manifold Gasket (requires dis-assembling the engine.), now it purrs like a kitten, runs smooth, and the gas mileage is way up! They also found that I needed a radiator- put in a NEW one with a one-year warranty.
-Sam P.
New Orleans

I am a body shop owner uptown, and when we have have problems with any of our customers vehicles that we cannot diagnose, we have Santos look at it. Believe me when I tell you that they have gotten me out of a few tough situations over the years. Never once in about 5-6 years has any of our vehicles been misdiagnosed, and Andrew is a super-tech and the crew there can stand toe-to-toe with any dealership service center out there guaranteed.
-Savraj R
New Orleans
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